Friday, 23 February 2007

Dame Eden Park

I don’t understand why there is all this debate about money and that grand old girl – (Dame) Eden Park Stadium with the NZ government and the NZRFU. Is it just me or did everyone think that these issues revolving around seating, money and a venue would have been resolved before they went to pitch for the 2011 tournament? Especially when considering the debacle over the co-hosting rights for the 2003 tournament and the embarrassment that was brought upon the NZRFU and government. It stuns me, it really does. A world tournament that we have a second chance to host and we’re all still bickering about temporary seating on a budget and who is paying for what. Why was this not decided and agreed upon before we presented to the IRB? Maybe Stephen Jones of the UK Sunday Times was right all along, we are just a little backwater full of stubborn egos and antiquated stadiums and we’re going to be a laughing stock AGAIN unless we can sort ourselves out.

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