Monday, 12 March 2007

Howlett - can't get much better than that!

There is no doubt that at the top of Super 14 table sits a team of true quality. The Blues are on scintillating form - sans their All Black forwards and all. It was truly a pleasure to watch their silky skills. At times, some of the feats they pulled out of the bag took my breath away. Even Flavell impressed (and was only pinged for one penalty!) as they ran circles at speed over the lumbering Lions. (Also - great to see Toeava really come into his own. The guy has flair - it just goes to show, Messrs Smith and Henry knew exactly what they were doing last year when selecting him).

Doug Howlett however had to be the star of the night. Never have I seen him throw a handbag – which he did on Saturday with great gusto against the unfortunate (but all round villain for daring to headbutt dear Doug) Lions fullback Rose, who then was flattened by Doug a moment or two later in the tackle of the tournament. And if that wasn’t enough, the great All Black winger (and I think it is safe to start speaking of him in those terms now) became the top try scorer (alongside Australian Joe Roff) in Super 14 history, with two tries that saw him scorch to the line on both occasions. Who should dare say this guy is too old? The message is loud and clear - Graham Henry, IGNORE DOUG AT YOUR PERIL.

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