Friday, 23 March 2007

Woolmer death highlights the ugly in sport

So the death of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer is now being treated as murder for asphyxia through strangulation.

For all the beauty in sport - this is a chilling illustration of the ugliness that sport can bring. The side of sport that makes people become fanatical. The side that brings out hatred, death threats, political unrest and the worst as seen today - murder. No sport is untouched with these controversies. No country is blameless. From a New Zealand point of view - one only has to think back to the 1999 World Cup and the shame that was brought upon this country - not from losing the semi final - but the fanatical morons that issued death threats and verbal abuse to the then All Black coach - John Hart and his family. There are dangerous morons everywhere who don't seem to realise that sport is just a game. It is not life and death. It is something to bring people together - to help people enjoy their lives. Not something to divide and kill through corruption and hatred. This is a very sad day for Woolmer's family and for the cricket community. It would not hurt if we could all take a lesson from this. But somehow, I doubt those that need to will.

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