Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Rugby World Cup Team Profile - Wales

Current World Rank: 8

Random cliché: Welsh backline flair

Murray Mexted likely to say: "He who hesitates......is lost."

Stephen Jones likely to say: ‘I pity them’

Coach most likely to say in defeat: ‘Judge me by the world cup’

Glamour boy of the team: The Jones brothers… for the hair alone

Greatest Moment: Winning the Six Nations in 2005

Weakest Moment: Thrashed at the hands of England by a near 60 points last weekend.

Redeeming features: The hair dos and fake tan - adding a touch of glamour

Weak link: Gavin Henson

Incumbent star: JPR Williams

Rising star: James Hook


Steve/nursedude said...

I would add to accommplishments not just winning the six nations in 2004, but winning it via a grand slam, no less. I think 2003-when they played with so much heart and pluck in the world cup, and 2004 were the high water marks for Welsh rugby.

Mr Bungle said...

I assume you mean the non-related Adam & Duncan Jones by the "Jones Brothers"? Happens to be a rather popular surname in these parts.

Also we last won the Grandslam in 2005.

Ferdy said...

Mr Bungle - thanks for dropping by. Just checking you were reading properly re the 'Slam'. Aren't all on the same team 'brothers in arms'?
Hope you drop by again and thanks for the comments.

Nursedude said...

Mr Bungle, thanks for the correction...joys of working nights