Thursday, 27 September 2007

Speaktackles, Pacific Island rugby players and the Haka

Three topics that have provided the British media and British public (well the public that let Stephen Jones do the thinking for them) enough ammo to launch a nuclear attack on Mars. Some interesting things of note this week concerning New Zealand’s 3 mortal sins:

Tana Umaga has spoken out about his steartackle against BOD. And quite funny it is too (not the speartackle - heaven forbid I should say that – but the story concerning the second test following the tackle) so check it out.

With the All Blacks cruising into their pool easily, the usual judgemental sounds have started emanating out over the plight of the ‘poor’ pacific islanders. You know, the usual condescending drivel about the evil NZRFU snatching hapless Samoans and Fijians who can’t think for themselves to train into All Black killing machines yada yada. It is a yawn inducing, ignorant argument so instead of me trying to explain the geographical and political relationship between New Zealand and Samoa, read this for some enlightenment (if you really want to know).

The biggest whinge from the North however is always directed at the Haka. For some hot intellectual debate – check out the BBC message board - where hundreds can vent their spleen at naughty New Zealand. How dare we have a tradition? How dare we have skinny lips and grim, dour faces?!?!? How dare we play rugby better than the mother land?? The haka would be a lot less potent if people took a leaf out of Australia’s book and just had a laugh with it. All I know is when the moan-o-metre rises it means the All blacks must be doing ok. So bring it on. Ka kite.


Anonymous said...

Haven't read ALL the posts but wouldn't it solve the problem if the ABs and the other PI countries did their 'haka' and then the opponents (via the captain) could hold up a card giving them a mark out of 5.

The marks could be subdivided into 'threat value' and 'artistic interpretation'.

The haka performers would get great feedback and the crowd would be involved as well - result!!

Nursedude said...

Ferdy, the French TV coverage of this World cup has been interesting. on the commercials, there is just a TON of stuff related to Maoris, the Haka, etc. There is NO other country besides France that had any mention in any commerical I saw on French Tellie. Last week, some rugby pundits on the Radio were saying that the All Blacks can be had because their easy group would lull t hem into a false sense of security. Clearly, this France-NZ quarterfinal in Cardiff has most people salivating like Pavlov's dog. I just don't see a replay of '99. Looks like an all Southern Semi final grouping.

Ferdy said...

I hope you're right nursedude. I hope you're right.