Monday, 8 October 2007

All Blacks: Four More Years

Ob La Di, Ob La Da, Life Goes On. The All Blacks have had to pack their suitcases early but for every glum NZ fan out there, here are a few cheery thoughts:

Right now a lot of people in the Northern Hemisphere are feeling much better about themselves and the state of their rugby teams (check out some of their 'expert' and 'gracious' comments). That's nice for them.

Adidas may be tempted to end their contract with NZRFU. (Please dear god, just do it)

Chris Rattue has had to eat his words after his stupid and arrogant article about the All Blacks kicking French buttock (perhaps now the Herald will sack this sensationalist nitwit)

Ali Williams – the best player on the pitch in the French / New Zealand match is not going to play (and waste) out his prime years in the stodgy Guinness Premiership

NZ Have won 100% of the Rugby World Cups held in New Zealand and won 0% of World Cups held on foreign soil. If the All Blacks are to soccer what Brazil is to rugby, then let's remember that Brazil went from 1970 to 1994 without winning a world cup. 24 years. I say roll on 2011.

What's the difference between the all blacks and a tea bag? A tea bag stays in the cup longer.

If all else fails (which it has), we’ve always got the netball.


Nursedude said...

Ferdy, I am curious, in NZ is there already rumblings in the press and talk radio of a preferred person to be the All Blacks coach for the 2011 campaign? Are you already getting hit up for people looking for a place to crash while in KIWILAND for the World Cup? If what I saw in France was any indication, I think New Zealand will see an upsurg of toursim that will pale the tourism increase you got after the Lord of the Rings Trilogy showed what a beautiful country you have. I know I am already checking the calendar for dates in 2011.

Tiago said...

register your blog in

Lu said...

Look at it t his way Pip - you may get your invitation artwork at least one week early.

Silver lining, lass


Ferdy said...

Yes nursedude - you will definitely have to come to New Zealand for 2011! But at the moment it does seem rather a long way away :-(
One thing is for sure - I don't think I'll be getting my hopes up about another world cup. But I hope NZ will be able to put on a good show - in fact, I'm sure we will.

Fi said...
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Fi said...

Hey Ferdy,

What's the difference between teh ABs and an arsonist?

An arsonist wouldn't waste five matches!

Boom boom