Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Doug Howlett Arrested

It continues to go Pete Tong with the All Blacks. Star winger and top New Zealand try scored Doug Howlett has been arrested but released on bail pending further charges after he allegedly trashed his room at the Hilton Hotel at Heathrow yesterday. If trying to reincarnate Mick Jagger's wild days from the 60s wasn't enough, he then proceeded to the hotel carpark where he did his own rendition of the Charlston on a couple of SUVs.

Dougie - all round nice guy and solid leader of the All Black backline has been a glowing role model for New Zealand these last eight years. If Graham Henry wasn't already feeling like a right dunderhead he surely will be doing so now after making a stirring coming home speech regarding the Pollyanna type qualities of his All Black team. "I'm very proud of how they conduct themselves as people," Henry said. "They're marvellous role models for this country. They put this country on the map right around the world and they touch a lot of people."

Howlett played his last game for New Zealand in Romania and could only watch helplessly from the sidelines as the All Blacks campaign once again choked to an end. (Obviously he'd a skinful and was feeling a bit depressed -I probably would have done the same in fact). He commences his contract at Irish club Munster shortly.

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Lu said...

Perhaps he just got the bill for his room? I tried to get my Dad in there for a night before he flew back to NZ ... sheesh. Robbery!

Ferdy said...

Feck - just heard about the bar tab. $33K (NZD). What's happened to our Doug?

Anonymous said...

Doug's just gettin in training for Limerick, or 'Stab-town' and it's also know.

As for $33K bar tabs - Pound sterling and 500 quid bottles, wouldn't be *that* hard, would it.

Depression (and vandalism) Man

Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

What I reckon's more interesting is who they thought would be picking up the tab?
No prizes for guessing they figured it would be the NZRFU, even though they are now going to be pretty f*cking skint following the mother of all lead up programmes and fall-out from this RWC disaster. That to me would be even more scandalous than the car hopping.

DC Barnes said...

All very amusing, if it wasn't for the fact that Doug Howlett has always promoted himself as 'Mr Nice' and his wife and child were also with him. Apparently his wife was egging him on and his little baby girl was helping him lift the sledgehammer.

Anonymous said...

After just recovering from the devastation of the All Blacks failure to perform i then had to put up with my fav AB performing too much!

Sil said...

Oh nooo...not Dougie!!!! It's the end of a myth!!

Anonymous said...

shit happens but 33k on a bar tab jesus what were they drinking crystal all night doug should of played more in the world cup seriously so glad he playing for munster