Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Doug Howlett gets married and other news

Well, not much has been happening this side of the equator (erm, the Southern side that is) since the curtain came down on the Rugby World Cup of 2007. Three things worth a mention though:

Doug Howlett's wedding to long time love, Monique Everard
It hasn't been the best of years for Doug what with flunking out of the Rugby World Cup and then being arrested for vandalising some parked cars while wearing a flowerpot on his head. At least he leaves New Zealand's fair shores with a wife and some semblance of dignity before his big debut in Ireland. Well, a little dignity....

Sivivatu in trouble again
It was disgusting enough that Sitiveni Sivivatu was selected to play for the All Blacks in 2007. After all, he had been charged earlier in the year with assault of his wife. In a country where domestic violence is a serious problem it was a crying shame that Sivivatu was even allowed to call himself an All Black. So he took himself to the World Cup and usual. Now we hear he is back on assault charges again. This time against another woman in an Auckland pub. If this isn't the end of his All Black playing career, then I'm supporting the English next year.

Robbie Deans and the one eyed cantabs
Ever since Graham Henry was relected All Black coach for another couple of years it was always going to be on that Deans (who many considered front runner for the All Blacks top dog position) would look to ply his trade beyond the Tasman. Deans is a good coach but people seem to have short term memories when it comes to the spectacular losses of All Black teams at world cups. Who was John Mitchell's assistant coach in 2003? Still, Henry is in for another two years and Deans has gone to look after the Wallabies. Meanwhile in the parochial outreaches of Canterbury and beyond, thousands of angry talkback callers keep the radio airwaves alive while they vent their spleen.

Doug Howlett weds long time love - NZ Herald

Sivivatu denies (again) that he has assaulted someone

Read here the rants about Robbie Deans and you'll understand why NZ has every right to be worried about its brain drain


Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

Ferdy - welcome back. Couldn't stay away hey?

Nursedude said...

Ferdy, new commentary on your blog was a sight for sore eyes. Welcome back, love.

On the comment of spousal/partner abuse, it is something that all rugby fans have to come down on. I will say that here in the US, one thing that has changed in the past 30 years, the American sport's fan will not put up with it.

A few years ago, the pro football team where I live, the Minnesota Vikings, brought in a guy named Warren Moon the be the saviour at Quarterback. He was barely with the club when a 911 audio hit the newswires with one of his kids calling into police because Moon had assaulted his wife. After that, he never was accepted by the Minnesota sporting public. He did not last long here, and I think it had more to do with the fact that the Minnesota Sports fan would not tolerate a 'Wife beater'. If the sporting media in New Zealand and the fans put the pressure on the National Team and local clubs, you never know what might be accomplished.

Nursedude said...

Follow up question: Is Doug Howlett's new bride a Kiwi of French Origin, or is she French? She certainly is a stunning young woman.

CresceNet said...

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Nursedude said...

Hey Ferdy,
A couple of things. First off, my condolances to Kiwis for the recent passing of Sir Edmund Hillary. He was just a remarkable man. As great a humanitarian as we was an alpinist. One of the guys on my rugby club, a Kiwi, had a chance to have had him speak at his graduation.

On a less serious note, I had a chance to watch Doug Howlett play with Munster against Clermont Auvergne today on TV, he looked like he is adapting to life in Limerick just fine