Monday, 21 April 2008

So they turn on McCaw

So the New Zealand Rugby Union has announced the results of their failed rugby world cup campaign. Shock horror!! It took six months and no doubt thousands of dollars to come to the conclusion that all the usual suspects were to blame.

  • Wayne Barnes

  • NZ’s inability to drop a goal

  • NZ’s arrogance

  • The reconditioning programme

Oh – and Richie McCaw.

Now I know we’re always looking for a scapegoat. And maybe Richie McCaw isn’t the greatest All Black captain but there were things greater than Richie that conspired against the All Blacks that bleak day in October.

McCaw must be rueing the day he signed on to play until the next Rugby World Cup with the NZRFU. Why should he take all this flak when team mates like Daniel Carter and Nick Evans are negotiating stratospheric European salaries for themselves and making quick exits. I mean – they were hardly star performers themselves in New Zealand’s worst world cup campaign. Ever.

No doubt if Richie was made an offer he couldn’t refuse from one of sugar daddies of the northern hemisphere - and begged the NZRFU to be released from his contract, we’d all be baying for his blood and saying what a greedy traitor he was.

Such a contrary lot us New Zealanders. Moan when they play for us and moan when they leave us.

Marc Hinton backs up my thoughts.


Nursedude said...

I think it is loathsome of the NZRU to throw McCaw under the bus. I keep saying it, but I still don't understand how Graham Henry gets a hall pass for this debacle.

Total Flanker said...

Whatever happened to COLLECTIVE responsibility?

Ferdy said...

Hi guys, good to hear from you. Sorry my blog has been so random of late. Rugby still hurts when I think about that fecking world cup!

TF - thanks for tagging me the other day. I'm going to get onto that survey type thing.

Nursedude - good to hear from you. Always appreciate your thoughts on any matter to do with the oval ball.

Speak to you soon. Watch this space for more blogs as my heart mends!