Saturday, 6 September 2008

NZ anthem

Well on Wednesday night at the first ever All Black test match in New Plymouth I achieved a lifetime dream of singing the national anthem for New Zealand.

It was a great night for Taranaki. Even though the game was a mis-match with the All Blacks thrashing Samoa 101 - 14 (and I quite agree with Wynne Gray that it probably shouldn't have been given 'test' status), it was still a special event for a province that is one of New Zealand's true rugby heartlands.

The weather was good, the capacity crowd was in high spirits and there were plenty of tries. I had some personal thrills - getting to meet and sing with the roll of Taranaki's former All Blacks and also meeting arguably the world's best rugby player, Richie McCaw.

For a media slide show click here to see what a great night it was in Taradise.

In terms of singing the anthem, I can honestly say it is one of the scariest things I have ever had to do. Just knowing that you are on live television and could potentially make the greatest gunter of yourself ever. And if anyone's going to do that, chances are it would be me.

With the wonders of YouTube and viral emails, one small humiliation on live television can travel around the world in an instant. This poor woman below singing the american national anthem at a Canadian ice hockey match- well I really feel for her.

I'm just so relieved this didn't happen to me!


Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

Ferdy - was that seriously you up there on the podium? If it was you did a fantastic job! I didn't realise you were a professional singer!

Ferdy said...

Hey Matt - yes, it was me. Thanks so much for your kind words - can't believe you saw it all the way over there in the UK. I would have been even more freaked out!

Sorry, I didn't know you'd had a knee op - I hope you're well on the road to recovery now.

So things are shaping up for a killer test in the Brisbane decider - but which way is it going to go?

Nursedude said...

Hi Ferdy, CONGRATULATIONS! That is just a fantastic thing to be able to sing your national anthem before an All Blacks match. Is your All Black debut on You Tube or anything like that? Great slide show-fantastic shots. It's pretty cool knowing an honest-to-goodness celebrity. Do they have you learning other national anthems yet for 2011?? I never knew that singing was another one of your talents. Good on ya!

Nursedude said...

FOUND IT!! Great Job, Ferdy!!

Darika said...

Ferdy, you're such a superstar :-)