Friday, 28 November 2008

All Blacks and England - Twickenham showdown

As the All Blacks go into the final test match against England, the old great haka debate has resurfaced once more. Love it or hate it, the haka is here to stay although it wouldn’t be a trip to the north without people moaning about it.

I agree that some All Blacks take it all a bit too seriously (Nonu – what the heck are you talking about mate – just keep your pretty little thoughts on the rugby ok?) and others just look like they’re at an amateur dramatic panto audition (Ali Williams take a bow).

I personally hope the All Blacks don’t do a haka at Twickenham this weekend at all. In fact, it would please me greatly if they never did another one in England again. Yes, it would be a case of giving the British hacks that decry the haka what they wished for. But I’m sure it would only take a few years for them to start whinging even louder to bring it back.

But enough of this haka malarkey. Let’s get onto the rugby. After England’s hideous defeat against South Africa on Saturday it seems too many people are writing off Dad’s army. I wouldn’t be so hasty. The All Blacks are great ones for getting complacent when they think they’ve got a test sewn up and the English will be licking their wounds hungry to make amends.

If I was a betting women, I’d wager a wee flutter on the English this weekend. Also, England are never easy to beat at Twickenham and with a northern hemisphere ref calling the shots, chances are there’ll be a few yellow cards fluttered around evening the chances for England, especially if McCaw gets binned.

Thanks to nursedude too for sending through this great article from the guardian – they’re onto us indeed ND! You’re only as good as your last game and the beautiful thing about sport and the oval shaped ball is that anything can happen on the day.

Also – on a different note. Rumours are floating around that Carl Hayman is talking about making a return to New Zealand. For all the depleted rugby stocks in New Zealand as former All Blacks plied their trade up North, there have really only ever been two decent All Blacks that we’ve truly missed IMHO – Carl Hayman and Nick Evans. The UK can have the rest (and yes, that even includes McAlister). So it could be good news all round.

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Nursedude said...

I have not had a chance to see the game yet, just saw the result, but it looks like the AB's just took the English to the Woodshed.

Martin Johnson, it would appear, has a lot of work cut out not just for RWC 11, but to be competitive in the Six Nations. Wales, and to a lesser degree Ireland look like the two to beat for that competition.