Tuesday, 11 November 2008

All Blacks Grand Slam

Sorry everyone that I've been off the radar for quite some time (as all three of you have probably noticed). I've been doing other things as of late but with the Autumn Internationals now on and in full swing, I've got a few thoughts to throw into the blogosphere. What do you think?

  • Wayne Barnes. Did he favour the ABs or the Scots? The Scots think no and so do the All Blacks. Should the dude just be dropped from the IRB panel for good?

  • The credit crunch. What does this mean for rich English clubs like Newcastle that are sponsored by the languishing Northern Rock? Could we see some former All Blacks such as Carl Hayman coming back to the shores of Aotearea to ply their trade? God I hope so.

  • Is Danny Cipriani the new Daniel Carter or is he another Andrew Sheridan - buoyed up by the British media only to fall on his face?

  • Why did the Wallabies struggle against Italy?

  • And does this guy have a bee in his bonnet or what??

Also - thanks to The Naly D Scene for giving me a mention on their blog. Thanks ... I think! "Her writing is good and her insight is valuable - a lack of real technical analysis and the fact there are only news posts after the All Blacks play are both a positive and a negative, however."

Ouch! Well Naly D, thanks for that and kia ora. I just write about rugby from a female perspective. It doesn't all have to be put in technical terms, I personally think the blog makes for better reading if it isn't generally layered with jargon, but I appreciate the link and hope you come back soon.

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Nursedude said...

I think Cipriani's miserable show against Australia shows he has a long ways to go-poor passing and poor kicking is a bad combo from your fly half.

I think the Italy-Australia game was a case of the Wallabies playing to level of their opposition-not too unlike South Africa against Scotland.(Although credit to the plucky Scots for playing ball in hand and trying to run at the 'Boks)