Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Hello, I’m back. It’s been a while since I last posted on here and I have toyed with the idea of closing this blog down. But as per usual and true to form, when test time arrives in the southern hemisphere, I just can’t resist.

I’ve stayed mainly silent on the Super 14 this year because I didn’t watch a heck of a lot. As a Wellingtonian/Taranakian I could tell half way through the season that the Hurricanes would yet again be pipped at the post (why anyone thinks Colin Cooper is a halfway decent coach remains a mystery to me). Along with the rest of the country, I’m tired of Super 14. (And it’s a shame that the NZRFU preferred to stick their heads in the sand and sell their souls to Sky by agreeing to an extended competition for this already tired tournament).

The Bulls deservedly won the Super 14 and if I was a member of the British and Irish Lions, I would be feeling very squeamish about facing the Springboks this weekend, based on that result alone. Of course, the British papers are having none of it and are doing their usual by pumping up the Lions as much as they can. But I think this tournament will be another whitewash along 2005 themes with many a lion going home with his tail between his legs. At least they haven’t got Alistair ‘dodgy dossier’ Campbell there making a general nuisance of himself on the sidelines this time around.

Of course as an All Black supporter, I’m also feeling squeamish about NZ facing the Springboks this year. Particularly if last weekend’s drubbing at the hands of the magnificent French is anything to go by. However, I haven’t slipped into full panic mode yet. The All Blacks were without their superstars and it was the first game of the season. There were some promising moments for a green team. Particularly the way we managed to claw back the score in the second half. In saying that, there’s definitely some flaky flotsam in the team that don’t deserve to be there but with no one in the wings, we’re stuck with them. I’m not one to mention names. (Tialata. Tialata, Tialata).

For once it is great to have a decent French team visit down under and properly challenge us. It makes test week here in Wellington a lot more exciting. I’m picking an All Black win this weekend but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we lost either. At least no-one could accuse us of peaking between world cups anymore.

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