Sunday, 8 November 2009

All Blacks V Wales - Millennium Stadium - 2009

So Warren Gatland has spoken. The All Blacks have lost their 'aura'. (That is of course compared to Gatland's side of 20 years ago when Gatland himself played for the All Blacks). But - press rewind here. Gatland actually just warmed the bench for Sean Fitzpatrick so never actually played a test himself for New Zealand.

Don't get me wrong. If Gatland was the All Black coach now, I'd be having a chortle at all the digs he's making at the opposition. But in reality, as much as Gatland would like to think he knows All Black rugby now, sadly he doesn't. I mean, he played for the dirt-trackers in the late 80s. Yes - admittedly, the ABs definitely had an aura of invincibility then ... but Gatland wasn't part of that as he never played a test for them. He just stood, salivating from the sidelines, like any frustrated understudy naturally does.

Three hours out from the 2009 Welsh - NZ game at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and it could be anyone's game (that's if you believe Gatland and the Western Mail). Or it might just be the game that turns the table for those 'hopeless' All Blacks. (I mean let’s face it, at the moment it seems that only S.A have their number).

But I guess time will tell. . I’m in New Zealand. It’s half three in the morning and it’s time for bed so I don’t care anymore.The best team will win and I think, that like the last 53 years, that team will be in black. If I'm wrong, I'll eat my hat (or delete the post hurridly in the morn).


Anonymous said...
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Nursedude said...

Sounds like the All Black scrum had their problems against the Italians in Milano.

Non rugby note: Congratulations to the All Whites for making it to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa next year. The first time for NZ at the world Cup since 1982(I was a college student in France at the time) and the first time the Tri Nations sides qualified for this this event in the same year.

Nursedude said...

You gotta love the style points the All Blacks showed against France over the weekend putting 5 tries in on them.

pd said...

Hey Nursedude - great to hear from you! Yes - that last game was fantastic but I think it's a dream that teams other than France are going to let us play free flowing rugby in the future. Depressing but true!

I hope you're well. I've been terrible about updating this blog. Will endeavour to do better!


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