Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Tournament Point

I’m jealous, Ferdy. Living in London, the All Blacks v Springbok games in SA each year were my favourite - kick-offs that matched British Summer Time perfectly. Yes ... watching a Test match, in daylight, at the pub. Old skool, all day, Test Match Fever!

So, we only need a point to take the Tournament? Done I reckon. Not saying we’ll thrash the Boks, but t
he eight changes P Divvy has brought in emphasise their loss of direction recently, and reflect a need to try something a little bit different. Only a little bit though, its all about execution for them this weekend ... time to step up for John Smit’s Century Test. And how good is that? 100 Tests for the Boks - outstanding.

After last weekend’s dismal efforts by my other teams (the Turbos and the Hammers, someone has to support these teams) I am keen for the All Blacks to produce an emphatic win on South African soil. I am looking forward to Cowan scrapping with that feisty nugget Francois Hougaard, and I bet our guys are relishing the chance to run at those little fellas at the back: Aplon and JP Pietersen. Plus, will Juan Smith adapt to these new rules at this pace?

Let’s hope the 90,000 spectators at Soccer City don’t spook our boys. Will Vuvuzelas be allowed?

And as for all this tripe about SA going it alone after 2015? What rubbish. Go on, I dare you SARU. You need us as much as we need you ... talk about throwing your toys. Cry babies.

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Ferdy said...

Hey slugso - I can't believe it - I'm not going to be able to watch this game either. This has been my worst tri nations viewing effort for quite some time.

Interesting about the SARU kicking up more of a fuss. I agree, they need us just as much as we need them.

A quick flick through the papers today and everyone's worried about NZ peaking too soon, and lots of those even minded 'fans' who hate NZ rugby are bringing out the chokers label again. Well, I think it's too soon for all that guff. I also think it's too soon to write the boks off later on today. They could give us a good match today and I hope they do.

That's the great thing about sport. Anyone can win it on the day.

I'll be back in London next week so will be able to get back to the blogging. The Black Ferns are currently in London, trying to defend their world title. I might try and get a long to a game.