Thursday, 2 December 2010

Richie McCaw IRB Player of the year 2010

Sorry - I know I signed off for a few months but I had to come back for one last glorious gloat. R.McCaw - IRB international player of the year - for the third time in a decade! Does this mean the man is the greatest rugby player of the decade? I think so, I mean who else has ever done that (not Brian O'Driscoll BTW).

S0, sorry Stephen Jones and and Brian Moore and Stephen Charvis and Jeremy Gusgott and Jonathan Davies and Bob Dwyer and Robbie Deans and Rob Andrew and Hugh Farrelly and Stephen Ferris and all the other non-rugby playing hacks and rugby player third graders that had a moan about him. 

The IRB has spoken, and tonight (only tonight) I give him Moses status. Richie McCaw one of the greats. Almost greater than Richard Hill (yeah right) and dare I say it, greater than NZ's version of MJ - Michael Jones. Possibly, the All Black of our history. And I was honoured enough to meet him and watch him play.

Well done R.McCaw. Well done.


slugso said...

Go girl!

Anonymous said...

well done mccaw....cheating does pay...I guess..

Anonymous said...

only joking... He is the best.. no doubt!!

Miguel Ángel said...

Rugby is a sport indissolubly joined the beer (the reason for the third time). There are a very few beermats with topics of rugby. I invite you to see it in and to add new beermats, comments and suggestions. I will include, in the future, some beermats that I like though it is not of rugby

Miguel Ángel Jimeno

Kate Blackhurst said...

Well done R McCaw. A fine player, no doubt, and I may be even be thawing on the 'gentleman' a little.

Ferdy said...

Sorry Miguel A. Don't cheapen Richie's name with a beer mat.
R. McCaw - a hero among heros. Our greatest All Black (even better than Colin 'I drank five pints of beer and ate 10 poached eggs before a Saturday morning provincial match in 1967'. Sorry Col, no can do. Richie is the man.