Thursday, 24 March 2011

Super comes to town

The strangest 'home game' in the world takes place at Twickenham this weekend. Due to the Crusaders being without the budget filling capacity of AMI Stadium, they have had to really use their noggins, and the solution was to swing Durban’s Sharks via London on their way home from Perth so that 55,000 southern hemisphere fans can toddle down to HQ and see some proper passing and offloading for once.

Should be a a classic match up. After all these are two top teams, laden with international stars, and despite the emotion of it all because of the earthquake back home, there are simply 4 points waiting to be taken by the winner. It’s a game of rugby, and everything else is a “bloody distraction” as Toddy said last week.

Personally, I think all you Northern stalwarts should go just to see Robbie Fruean and Sonny Bill Williams run out. These two stepping, offloading, tackling Bison are everyone’s touted backup centre duo for the All Blacks this year, and they are in stunning form. I think the only thing that may prevent them is that they have displace Ma’a Nonu and Conrad Smith - no easy task. Nonu’s form is dipping, but these two are class.

Mind you, with past All Black coaches playing everyone but a centre at centre in a World Cup ... maybe Ted will take four to six specialty mid-fielders.

Umaga anyone?

Twickers ablutions: “It’s got more plumbing than the whole of Christchurch!”


Ferdy said...

I'll be there! Looking forward to it. I've always wanted to go to Twickenham and Sunday at 4pm might be my only chance, considering other internationals there are impossible to get tix for.

And Slugso! So excited about your finals tickets for the RWC. No-one deserves them more, quite frankly (expect maybe Richie McCaw's Mum and Dad).

Nursedude said...

Well, this is a way of making lemonade out of lemons, isn't it? Very good news for expat Kiwi and Saffa fans in the north, enjoy the game!

slugso said...

Knowing the McCaw's luck, I'll be sitting beside them bitching about the ref. At the 07 Cardiff quarter I was sitting behind Francois Pelous' wife, mere and pere ... they were not so chatty by the 65th minute!

Nursedude said...

So...any good picks from the game?