Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tri Nations First Blood

Apologies for incompleteness - Sky TV here in NZ ended their coverage before I could see Fox’s stats for Terrirtory & Possession for the whole game. Must sort a way of getting all the numbers. Still, here’s the numbers ...


Anonymous said...

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From the bottom of the ruck said...

Interesting stats - the Boks had more possession, won more turnovers, and had double the attacking opportunities from penalties. They had no clue what to do with the ball when they had it.

Ferdy said...

Well done slugso for another O for awesome infographic.

I saw the highlights of this match and the wallaby backs looked so dangerous from broken play.

They also looked young, arrogant and cocky. Shit. Just in time for the world cup too. It's not fair!

In saying that, SA looked pants. I know it's their second string side, but the signs aren't good for them.

Still, early days, early days.