Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The 2011 Ruggerblogger Cup: 
Stunningly crafted in a non-specified, possibly toxic metal 
with an authentic all black (get it?) polymer stand. 
Holds approximately enough liquid for one victory shot.
No assembly required.

Ferdy and Slugso at Ruggerblogger invite you to join our private league 
and compete in the Rugby World Cup Fantasy League brought to you by BlackBerry.

Pick the right team and you could win this glorious
Unofficial Global Rugby Championship Trophy!! 
Join our fantasy league and you will be in to win the cup pictured here 
with your name engraved on it for posterity!

Blogs, Twitter, feedback comments - it all means nothing
compared to locking in your Best XV and watching them
battle it out through Rugby World Cup 2011.

There are loads of fantasy leagues about, but we chose this one as it is nice and graphic, and does not have all that complicated BS of player prices and budgets. You just pick your team (change as much as you like until RWC starts) and go from there. It looks nice and simple in that you can wheedle out players from teams that gradually drop out, so that by finals you have only players still in it.

Registration is quick, easy and absolutely free. Select your Fantasy Team consisting of 15 players (plus 7 substitutes) from the participating teams. You score points based on the performance of the players in your team. You MUST designate a kicker and a Captain. Use transfers to manage your team throughout the tournament.

Simply click on the link below to start your registration and follow the instructions to select your Rugby World Cup Fantasy League.

Once you have registered and selected your team go to the My Leagues page to join Ruggerblogger's league and enter the league invitation code below.

League name: The Ruggerblogger Cup
League invitation code: 16831442390021


Ferdy said...

Ok! Have joined up! Let the games begin!

bk drinkwater said...

OK, I'm in. From my selections, you may or may not be able to tell I don't follow rugby too closely. But once Ferdy got on my case, well, I was too *scared* not to put a team up.

Highlights of my team: no Australians or South Africans.

Download Rugby Nations 2011 Apk said...

awesome I put-off buying this for months,