Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bledisloe Cup Statto

I have scrounged the numbers again, and given them a bit of a ‘zjoozh’ - find the large version in our ruggerblogger flickr set here. A slide show of all the recent stats is on the right of the blog.

Its amazing looking at this how even the teams actually were in numerical terms ... well, not the score board. I think the All Blacks will want to tweak the set pieces more still, but our aggressive defence won this - we shut the Wallaby backline out of the game, tackled them into touch and took our own chances.

Bring on the Boks.

PS Did you know that if you subtract all Dan Carter’s Test career drop goal points (9), he still has more career points than Go, Jonny, Go Go! More Statto to come on this.

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Ferdy said...

slugso - another great infographic. But we should have it in the main blog post - it makes it look all purtie!
Crazy times here in London. Whitechapel had a bit of action last night even. Very subdued in town tonight, but now the police have sent in the extra atillery (shit, can't spell that word), I don't think we're going to see much more (or I hope we won't see much more).
One last thing, and you may disagree with me, but I'm tired reading moaning article in the paper about money, money, money in NZ re the RWC. If it's not about ticket prices, or hotel prices, or advertising revenues, it's now about the AB jersey. Sometimes I wish people would suck it up and listen to themselves. If the AB new test jersey is too expensive, then don't bloody buy it.
Personally, I've never owned an AB jersey. I don't need to wear it for everyone to see. I keep it on the inside (and tell it to anyone that can put up with me for five minutes or more).