Monday, 22 August 2011

My 30 Pieces of Silver

I guess in a way, I know I can’t 100% guess which 30 layers they will choose, but this may get close enough to indicate their thinking for this tournament i.e. positional cover, proven rack record etc. ... and above all, slotting back in those players they have been waiting on all season. Thus Toeava gets the nod over workaholics Hosea Gear and Zac Guildford. Israel Dagg comes in, as do Boric and Tony Woodcock (at the expense of an unlucky Crockett). In its own way it may be a slightly conservative 30 ... but it is a World Cup.

Father Ted’s Flock
Fullbacks (2) - Muliaina, Dagg
Wings (3) - Jane, Toeava, Sivivatu
Midfield (4) - Nonu, Smith, Kahui, Williams
First Five (2) - Carter, Slade
Halfbacks (3) - Cowan, Weepu, Ellis
Loose Forwards (5) - McCaw, Read, Kaino, Thompson, Messam
Locks (4) - Thorn, Whitelock, Boric, Williams
Props (4) - Woodcock, O Franks, B Franks, Afoa
Hookers (3) - Mealamu, Hore, Flynn

However, all things being equal, if this were not a RWC year, and we were simply facing the Bledisloe Cup, Tri Nations and maybe even an incoming Lions Tour ... then the need for covering positions and utility players is not as necessary. In that case it would be 'lock and load', ready all batteries, and frack the hell out of the opposition. Thus the team would have a marginally younger look to it ... maybe something like this.

This would also be my dream (if slightly risky) team for the World Cup: "Go and get the ball, then move it" is our natural game, and this is the team to play that way. I would so love to play and win the World Cup with our style of rugby. (My starting XV names appear first in each position)

The Slugso AB Wishlist
Fullbacks (2) - Dagg, Muliaina
Wings (3) - Jane, Guildford, Gear
Midfield (4) - Nonu, Smith, Williams, Kahui
First Five (2) - Carter, Cruden
Halfbacks (3) - Cowan, Weepu, Mathewson
Loose Forwards (5) - McCaw, Read, Kaino, Thompson, Todd
Locks (4) - Thorn, Whitelock, Hoeata, Williams
Props (4) - Woodcock, O Franks, B Franks, Crockett
Hookers (3) - Hore, Mealamu, Elliott

As a sh*t stirring wildcard - has anyone considered that they might dump Mils? Take Toeava and Jane instead. Kidding.

Whatever the make up of the 30, I'm backing them all the way, and expect to see them run out on Eden Park, October 23rd. Lets all compare notes tomorrow. Ferdy - waddayarekkin?


Ferdy said...

Nearly the same as you Slugso. My wishlist is:

FB: Dagg, Muliaina
Wings: Jane, Gear, Sivivatu
Midfield: Smith, Nonu, Kahui, SBW
First five: Carter, Slade/Weepu
Halfback: Weepu, Cowan, Matthewson (basically anyone but Ellis)
Loosies: McCaw, Read, Kaino, Todd, Ferdy
Locks: Thorne, Whitelock, Boric, Williams
Props: Franks bros, Crocket, Woodcock (Woody there because of experience, currently not impressed with him).
Hooker: Mealamu, Hore, Elliot (anyone but Cory Flyn).

What I think will really happen:

The wings: I think Toeava will make it. I don’t think he’s pants. I think he can be amazing, but I’ve just never seen him perform well in a test. Unlucky for Zac Guildford but they have to choose the more versatile Jane over him. Also, Jane has that Carter-esque quality of excelling in the big games. Sivi – I’ve never been a great fan of his, but he has been very good in this tri nations so I’m giving him a spot.

Journeymen: I think Corey Flynn, Liam Messam, Andy Ellis, John Afoa and Adam Thompson will all get into the squad. I guess having five journeymen is better than 15 journeymen. But they’re dirt trackers. Not the first 15.

slugso said...

Messam has paid the price for the SA Test it looks like. Jane, guildford and Toeava means wheels, wheels, wheels out wide ... and no worries with the high ball. Even Vito signals an intent to run it. Thompson - you're hard on him, mate. He was pinged unfairly by that whistle twat in PE a couple of times.

I am happy. I wan to win this thing by playing NZ style rugby ultimately.

1133 caps, Ferdy! Experience.

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