Thursday, 22 September 2011

Pool D: Tonga v Japan

I can’t wait for Japan v Tonga now, I really like watching Japan play - I think they are a nuggety outfit that play smart, varied rugby. The old cliché of them ‘lacking size’ is starting to fade away, and they just get on with it, even against the likes if those big Tongans. The way the Japanese change attack angles, pick and go, chip and chase, kick for ground ... its a mix of tactics that shows good coaching, confidence in their abilities and a great attitude on the field. The get big props for it.

And I bet those Tongan fans are thrilled, eh? They deserve that win for all the colour and mad bloody support they unleashed on Auckland and the rest of country - I think the Tongan fans actually kicked the World Cup off!

One thing is for sure: All the Japanese players would know one Tongan phrase after 80 minutes, as would all the Tongans have learnt and absorbed one phrase in Japanese ... “What teh f*ck is this ref up to?!”

Please note: all IRB rankings on the graphics from now on have been updated since new rankings were issued end of last week.


Anonymous said...

Go Japan. Come to us JK.

Anonymous said...

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