Monday, 26 September 2011

Pool D: Wales v Namibia

Wow. A tad one sided that: those pie charts don’t show much blue possession, and you can see that Wales were getting building consents granted they were down in that Namibian 22 so much of in the second half.

A mismatch? Yeah ... nah. That was Namibia’s fourth match in fourteen seventeen days. That is ridiculous, considering those four matches were against Fiji, Samoa, South Africa and Wales. The IRB has to do something about this, its bullshit.

Namibia played with heart and passion for 80 minutes every game, but no preparation with their resources is going to allow them to compete on that schedule. The NZRU and All Blacks would never tolerate four games in fourteen seventeen days.

Personally, I rate their Captain Jacques Burger, I am working on a Minnows (though I hate that word) XV, and he is the Captain, first name down. Loved his attitude in post-match interviews, and the the fact that every time a ruck disassembled he was at the bottom, and evry last ditch Namibian tackler was often him. Legend, bro.

Wales. Well, its a bonus point. They should go through. But that may just flatter to deceive. We’ll see.

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Nursedude said...

You gotta love the Namibian try off the intercept, the guy who scored dummied about 3 Welsh defenders who bit on his pass.

I agree that the IRB did not exactly send a lot of love to Namibia-I felt bad that Wales was piling on a couple of more tries while they were compelled to play at 14. I know that Wales was trying to score the max number of points, but with an out-manned team playing at 14, it was like shooting fish in a barrel.