Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pool A: France v Japan

The Brave Blossoms indeed, for a minute or three there they absolutely put the wind up the French in a spell that saw them go wide, go tight, kick long, chip, turn the French around. Really clever rugby I thought.

Shame it could not be sustained for longer, but they did their fans proud. And won’t John Kirwan’s mum be pleased watching from the stands? I think so.

I know the stands may not have been full today, but there is certainly atmosphere.

I remain a fan of the French - I believe their backs are some of the players in the world: Rougerie, Clerc, Medard & Heymans are World Class. I look forward to the game against the All Blacks. France had a patchy start, just like us, so it will be a doozey.

Besides, when we both go through, we could still meet again ... in the final?

Again, these pretty graphics don’t mean squat if doesn’t crunch the numbers. Thanks, dude.


Nursedude said...

In my opinion, no nation has improved as much as the Japanese in the past 4 years.

Ferdy said...

Yes I agree ND. THought the Japanese looked great. Excellent strong tackling. The score flattered the French in the end.

slugso said...

The JK Effect? He is class that guy - by far the most gracious and relaxed international coach.