Friday, 16 September 2011

Pool A: New Zealand v Japan

Ferdy says:
I watched this on a small computer screen at work while trying to pretend to do some work (hopelessly executed) so I have probably missed a lot of things.

What I didn’t miss however is Nonu’s Rolls Royce form right now. The guy is on fire! Backed up by the ever dependable Conrad Smith, and excuse me while I dip into my bag of rugby clichés here, but the centre with a law degree really did run some good straight lines. Also, loved SBW (one would have to be in coma not to love that man).

Adam Thompson – as I say, a small screen at work so I couldn’t say whether I liked him or not. He got a try which was nice for him, but no, I don’t feel it for the guy generally. To me he is flashy (I don’t know whether it’s the blonde hair). I want Reid and McCaw to come back. Loving Kaino BTW as well.

ITV commentators (including Fitzy, Pienar and Dallaglio) are complaining a lot about Henry’s rotation. They make me nervous. But I want to trust that Father Ted knows best.

In saying that? What is our top team? I know I would be very happy to see a starting team with these baby blacks in it: SBW, Israel Dagg, Richard Kahui.

Slugso says:
Conrad Smith is so good, beautiful lines eh, Ferdy? True. There is just something more graceful lurking under the directness with Smith/Nonu, they straighten it with a 6th sense that it is the right time to do so. Nonu truly man of the match!

Ellis started passing very, very flat again, – scarily so, but in this game Owens was really policing the offside tonight. Paddy had a word?

Its just our new plan of wide passing (one, two big passes wide from a ruck) occasionally throws up a floater so that a spot tackler can rush up and get us - this happened in last Bledisloe game 2-3 times. And we all know what happened in 2003. Works better with a little more depth for runner, like for Slade’s try off Ellis/Toeava break in first half.

Ferdy - you still not feeling it for Thomson? I thought he linked well tonight, didn’t get penalised and deserved try. What you got against blondes? Kaino was class - if Read comes back, we are lookig good.

So, what the hell is our top team?! Poor old Zac Guildford, he can’t buy a game if he is not in the Top XV and he can’t even get on the field against Japan?

SBW on wing: Loads of space for him was a good thing; two tries. Though that one handed ball carry was a technique crime!


Andrew said...

Agree with that call re the floater pass. We didn't cope with winger rush defence vs SA or Aus in the Tri-Nations. Japan snuffed out 2-3 attacks today. I hope it doesn't come back and bite us.

Smith played great again (I love him ... in a man's way) and Nonu was excellent. Their pairing has got to be our no1 combination.

Ferdy said...

Forgot to mention: I thought it was a very nice touch at the end with Mealamu remembering the victims of the NZ and Japan earthquakes. He is a thoughtful, gracious man, (if not the most competent when it comes to grammar).

Scotty said...

I don't think that SBW is all of a sudden our best winger, but it would solve our dilemma of fitting him in somewhere. I think that he is too good to not make the 22 and with Smith and Nonu being so good then this could be the best way to do it. Jury is still out on Thomson and Slade. I would prefer to see Weepu lining up goals at the Rugby World Cup final rather than Slade if Carter wasn't.