Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pool A: Tonga v Canada

A lot of people are saying ‘upset’, but these two teams are only two IRB ranking spots apart, it should not really be a big surprise. Canada deserve a lot of praise for standing up to teh physicality of this Tongan side, but let’s not patronize them. They played bloody well.

And Canada’s Adam Kleeberger surely must get the award for best beard in a World Cup ever. It was immense ... bigger than W C Grace’s. They could have smuggled the ball inside that thing!

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Nursedude said...

Good for Canada to get a win-they had a miserable RWC 4 years ago.

FYI, I get to Wellington on 9/19. My wife and I are renting a room in Lower Hutt. Pick a bar/pub in Welly and we will be happy to meet you there. email