Monday, 3 October 2011

Daniel Carter

Dan Carter is a man who has everything. A glittering talent with a rugby ball that has grown men salivating the world over about his incredible skills. He is the best number 10 of his generation. He is also blessed with good looks, a beautiful fiancee, lovely family, lucrative sponsorship deals and a humility that beguiles people. Yet sometimes in this life, even the most blessed people will encounter some awful luck on their path.

I'm feeling gutted today for him, so I can't imagine what he is feeling.  His injury serves as a reminder to all of us how things can change dramatically so quickly, not just in a rugby tournament (that in the big scheme of things is not the be all and end all of the world), but in life too.

We have to all pull together now, and send him our love and good vibes so he can move on from this horrible disappointment. We have to pull together and support whoever takes up the poisoned chalice of understudying one of the world's great rugby players. No more of this bickering and complaining about Slade.  That guy needs our support so his confidence can grow. The All Blacks can still win this thing. And they can be helped along by the good grace of their supporters.

Our love goes to you Daniel Carter.


GimliNZ said...

Well stated. Agree whole-heartedly!

As disappointed as the country is, I'm sure his own disappointment is ten-fold that!

Slade has the job to do now and I'm sure he will rise to the occasion with the 14 other players on the field to support him!

This cup is still ours to lose!!

Anonymous said...

Well said. DC will be missed for sure and hopefully he returns to full fitness sooner rather than later, but we must throw our full support behind Slade if he is to reach his full potential as well. These guys are in for us too!

Nursedude said...

Huge loss the All Blacks. That Said, I still think they are the team to beat. They still have a formidable line up and they are still playing at home.

One big equalizer, should the blacks play the boks in the semifinals, is that it now seems Francois Steyn is out for the rest of this tournament, and he had been playing well for South Africa. Will Carter be like Moses? Leads his people on the verge of the promised land, but won't follow his teamates the rest of the way.

slugso said...

Colin Slade to reception! Colin Slade to reception!

Nursedude said...

Add Bokkies Botha to the out list for the Springboks. That along with losing Frans STeyn is pretty huge.