Friday, 7 October 2011

Quarter Finalist Preview: New Zealand

Ferdy says:

Putting aside the Daniel Carter heartbreak, let’s not forget the All Blacks have been formidable for 100 years (and Dan has only been around for about eight of those). This is a team sport.

In saying that, I still think our major final will be the semi. Whether it is Oz or SA, well, either will be horrible and hard, and I am not going to be watching that game because my blood pressure will not be able to take it.

NZ, the team that has been number one inbetween world cups since the world cup tournament began. Now is our time. We deserve it. And we're going to do it (she says with everything crossed).

Ferdy’s pick: winners.

Slugso says:

We are lucky; on paper this is the easiest quarter final ... but rugby is not played on a piece of paper. Things have to click this weekend for us to be really dominant, the Pumas can use space, even a little space, very well if allowed ... and they have the pack to create those holes.

Huge pressure on Colin Slade, but provided he gets fast ball, all he has to do is kick or pass ... it really isn’t rocket science. As for our backline? Well, they are the best in the business, and given 80 minutes can go crazy, but this is knockout stuff. With all the lineup changes they have been through, can they defend too when it counts?

Scrums will be huge, so Woodcock better be fit. This is going to be a big test for the team’s fitness, and especially for those loosies of ours that have been carrying niggles. And that’s most of them.

Weepu must start as halfback - that is whee he is best. I hope Cruden gets to come off the bench at some stage to prove all his detractors wrong.

Slugso offers: we’ll beat Argentina, and make the semi against the Boks. Injuries will occur.

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