Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Quarter Finalist Preview: Wales

Ferdy says:

Wales have been so good in this world cup with one of the hardest pools. They should have beaten South Africa (we dare not mention the name of that *red head* ref). Warren Gatland has been able to do what several coaches for Wales have not been able to do some cohesion from all that raw talent within the team, both on and off the field.

Under a strict regime that involves Scandanavian saunas and zero tolerance on alcohol, they have come out in this world cup with extraordinary fitness levels. A mixture of young and old talent, I'm picking Wales to take Ireland very close this weekend. Close ... but no cigar.

Ferdy’s pick: losing quarter finalists.

Slugso says:

Wales, well they too are on the rise, and looking comfortable with the running space game they always aspired to ... but its been raining here in Wellington all week, and may not be the try fest we’d love to see. Though give George North some space and I am sure he can aquaplane.

Both teams have had similar levels of set piece success so far, and won one physical game each against 3N teams. However, given the wet, I think Ireland can nudge this by playing a straighter, simpler game to get field position. I keep agreeing with the Boss!

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