Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Rugby World Cup - It’s a Knockout!

It’s a quadrennial thing. It comes but once every four years, and I have found that when talking to people during the tournament so far (and this is myself included) that memories can get a bit foggy. One Bok fan I was having a beer with boasted how we had never knocked them out of a RWC ... um, 2003 Quarter Final I offered up?

Naturally New Zealand’s last win is a distant memory one score and four years ago, and that is painfully burned onto the collective consciousness of All Black fans ... but I bet there is fogginess out there about other Cups.

What we need is something visual to show how countries have perhaps not only dominated single tournaments, but also consistently progressed deep into the knockout stages in various tournaments ... or not progressed, ahem.

So here it is ... the argument settler for all Knockout match debates, and done in true infographic style as a homage to my favourite primary school educational aid ... the Cuisenaire Rod.


Ifan Morgan Jones said...

1999 world cup was in Wales

Anonymous said...

North vs South

Ferdy said...

Interesting. The two bogey teams for NZ in world cups are Australia and France. Not England - ever - in a world cup.

Of course, SA beat us in 1995, but we could say there were *ahem* extenuating circumstances in that RWC final. NZ beat SA in the 2003 quarter final.

slugso said...

Sorry, Ifan. I will correct it when I have tome. I guess memories of Huddersfield for NZ v Italy cloud the memory.