Monday, 6 February 2012

2012 Six Nations - Ireland v Wales

This was always going to be the best game of the opening round, and it delivered. Both teams were superb in their intent, and the game’s intensity meant both the Irish and Welsh sides had to at times bring themselves back into it.

Maybe Wales stumbled a little. They seemed to dominate possession in the first half, and Ireland looked to kick away the ball too much, but what a twisted plot this match delivered. After some genius back play on display from both sides – Bowe, Kearney & Trimble for Irelnd, North, Roberts and J Davies for Wales – it came done to a last minute penalty.

Another epic, decided once again by that Panto Villain, Mr Wayne Barnes. I do not think that was a spear tackle, neither of them were vertical to start with ... it was another bad call in the heat of the moment by him. And it could decide the Six Nations?

Ireland have to travel away to play England, Italy and France ... a killer draw. Wales go to Twickers, but at least host France in Cardiff. This surely gives them a wee edge now.

Constantly feel that when I watch these two teams I am looking at the next Lions squad running about. O’Connell was immense today! Should Declan Kidney be the Lions coach? I think he should be.

Thanks to both teams. And thanks to Sky TV and ESPN because in 2012 I finally get to watch HD coverage of the 6N on my telly, without forking out for the Rugby Channel. About bloody time!


Team Dave said...

Add that big bloke at 8 from the Scots and you've got quite a good team.

North was immense. He'd probably make it in the ABs on current form. I haven't said that about any player since Dallaglio.

slugso said...

Dave - so agree. That offload for Davies’ try was a stunner, and the kid ran all day.

What is he? 19?

Should see him at at least 4 RWCs hopefully.

It was a great game.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Barnes screwed it up again That was never a penalty. Great game but killed by poor refereeing. Dreadful end ot a great game.