Sunday, 5 February 2012

2012 Six Nations - France v Italy

Welcome back ... its Statto Time!

The Six Nations for 2012 is underway “Up North, Up North”, so while Ferdy is soaking it up in the pubs, I’ll wheel out some more graphical stat summaries for the tourney after reading the papers hours later

Things have been tweaked a little. I have changed sources for the 6N to use and the Official RBS Six Nations site ... so blame them for interpretations, not me.

First blood to France. Which is nice ... I mean it must be nice to win something for a change.


tc (paris) said...

I thought we at least won some respect...
my mistake

slugso said...


The trick is in the blogs title 'biased NZ rugby blog'

If you have followed ruggerblogger at all over the last 6 years, you would know how much we rate French rugby.

C'est la vie.