Wednesday, 29 February 2012

2012 Six Nations - Scotland v France


Nursedude said...

As much as I have liked following the Six Nations, I am really intrigued by the financial collapse of rugby in Otago. What the hell happened there?

Bailey said...

too many average players being paid exorbitant wages.....

maybe cantebury and otago should join forces to create a south island team. then the Forsyth Barr wouldn't become yet another white elephant!

By the way I have my own rugby blog if you fancy a look:

slugso said...

Steve - I don't know exactly, but finanial mismanagement over nay years is probable cause. Apparently they turned down a $5million deal over 10 years to rename Carosbrook and they turned it down ... would have saved them.

They have another week, but feel its safe to say the Union as it is will be allowed to fail, settle debts (if lucky) then a new body will start up, but whether that is done in time to even field a team in the ITM Cup this year is doubtful.

Too many ex-players at top level running the game ... its business now. Cold, hard business.

Bailey - we'll check out your blog, thanks for stopping by!


That awesome new stadium may be empty.