Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Six Nations: Wales v Scotland

My time-management policies meant this was the game of the round I watched, and it was a good match. If you look at these stata (for all the good that does) the game actually looks a lot closer than the scoreline indicates. Those moments of self-destruction that produced two yellow cards for the Scots maybe cost them the game? They certainly showed a lot more creativity and determination than when I saw them play here in Wellington against Argentina during the World Cup. That game was a treatise in how to mess things up.

Still think Wales are looking pretty solid in defense – for all Sotland’s endeavour, they did find it hard to get over the advantage line, and gain ground. But with Measts likeHamilton, Strokosch, Gray and Denton, they don’t lack the will.

Can’t be easy watching for you Scottish fans, eh? But there is real improvement there I thought ... maybe I have been too hard on Andy ‘Growler’ Robinson, maybe its slowly coming together. There’s no way he’ll go easy on them that is for sure.

Certainly, rebuilding and gaining experience is a watch word across most of the Six Nations’ squads, and Scotland are no different.

Wales still look the most composed and comfortable team though. Hard to see them not winning the title.

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