Saturday, 28 April 2012

Super 12 2012 - NZ Teams Round 10


Phil Bailey said...

ruggerblogger..what program do you use to make your infographics?

slugso said...

Phil, they are all compiled manually. I basically have deigned and constantly tweaked a template that I have in InDesign. I just choose colours and graphics for each team and enter the stats I source.

Getting to be pretty quick at them now, and I do a little prep before each round.

Best thing I have got hold ofis a typeface called Chartwell that actually produces the pie and bar charts. Instead of characters it quickly draws the graphs based on number values entered. Awesome.

Wouldloveto do all this by coding ... But I am not enough of a geek.

Phil Bailey said...

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yeah I would have no idea either. I just thought your representations were really clear and it's really easy to pick out what you want to see etc.

I will have to have a go myself one day!