Saturday, 9 June 2012

2012 TESTS First Matches

Test Match Fever! Here we go ... a revised version of the graphic I did last week, now showing the (expected) walk on teams for all three of this weekend’s top tier Test matches: New Zealand v Ireland, Australia v Wales, and South Africa v England.

Each game has the starting XV lined up in their positions, and each player has their number of Test caps indicated so you can see just who is out of their depth (I’m looking at you Bradley Barritt!). Mind you, Sean ‘The Tullow Tank’ O’Brien is also up against Our Richie.

Check it out. Wallabies looking better than the team that lost to Scotland, but they better front, because this Welsh team is tight. Will teh Boks have enough class to take out a rebuilding and ever-confident England?

Predictions: I hate this bit, but ... NZ by 20 points, Wales by 7, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Boks by 15.


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