Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Super 15 2012 - Game Stats Download

Well, it was fun while it lasted ... which seemed forever. If I thought the frenzy of 48 Rugby World Cup games was tough, I had not considered how many games would be involved in Super Rugby. Especially if a New Zealand team went all the way! To be honest, I don'’t think I’ll be attempting this again ... the lawns are in a terrible state.

So here they all are – a game stat infographic compilation of every fixture of the 2012 Super Rugby season played by a New Zealand team. 

All in one handy PDF file.

Now we get on with the real reason we are here ... the All Blacks!

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Nursedude said...

Good for the Chiefs. It was nice to see a new team lift the Super Rugby title.Feel bad for the sharks, though. I think all of the travel must of finally got to them. The Chiefs did show that their high placing in the table was no fluke.