Sunday, 3 February 2013

2013 Six Nations - Wales v Ireland

Well, hello up there in the Northern Hemisphere! Managing to stay warm in that horrible old winter, while we down here in the glorious South are basking in sun ... some of us in too much.

Hey, welcome back! We're off for the 2013 Six Nations, and I have unleashed a new format for our game stat sheets. This year I have incorporated a gruntier representation of how the game flows through the 80 minutes using data generated by the mighty

I’m thinking it works okay - you can see how possession and territory change as the game runs, and how this relates to points ... or in fact, if it doesn’t. Below, the new design graphically shows how Ireland dominated the first half, and then had to weather the Red storm in the second half under the strain of those two yellow cards.

The JPEGs of these you can save/download ... and they are set to the page dimensions of an iPad, so should look juicy on your tablet of choice. Go on, wow your workmates with the numbers.

They take a little bit more work to put together, so it may be a day or two after the Test before each one appears. We'll be doing these for the 6N and games in the Super 15 that feature a NZ team

Interested to see what people think of the new look - feedback appreciated.


Showmaster said...

Thanks but I cannot access the website from Wild Wales, what a game.

wikiG said...

So from that it pretty much shows how poor Wales must have been first half! On stats alone they were pretty equal first half before Ireland were totally dominated second half! Just goes to show Ireland made the most of the ball they did have in the first half and then awesome defence in the second half! Stats look great and so many conclusions can be drawn from them, so thanks!