Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ruggerblogger is now a FREE app for your iPad!

As kick-off for the 2014 international season is almost upon us, Ruggerblogger can now announce that we have an FREE IPAD APP for you to download from the Apple iTunes store. Search iTunes for Ruggerblogger, and get it now!

The product is a digital magazine that compiles all our All Black stat sheets from the Rugby World Cup in 2011 through to the end of the unbeaten 2013 season. It was built using Adobe's new Digital Publishing platform that allows interactivity to be introduced to traditional print-based documents. This is a new area in design & print that I am having to come to grips with in my day job, so it seemed a perfect 'real world' scenario in which to put this to the test… or, if you like, Tests.

All 14 Test Matches from last season against France, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, England and Ireland are interactive, and feature:

- an interactive global map showing all games, from which you can navigate your way to individual matches
- scrollable team lists showing the starting XVs and the full reserve bench
- interactive charts that show possession %, territory % and zonal territory % for for the first half, second half and  full time
- interactive bar charts showing comparisons of crucial game performance measures including scrum & line out wins, tackle success, ruck clearances, and the first-five eight/fly half options taken
- a linear timeline showing all scoring by time and player
- charts showing the flow of possession and territory can be toggled on and off under the score flow to show who was dominating play at any stage
- a breakdown of crucial performance game stats from all 14 Tests graphed next to each other for comparison
- tables of player data for each match, each tour, and end of season for every All Blacks player who took the field
- tables of player stats that show the top tacklers, top scorers, top carries… and more.

But wait, there's more!

All Test matches from the 2012 season are also presented as non-interactive infographics:
- all 14 Test Matches from 2012 against Ireland, Australia, Argentina, South Africa, Scotland, Italy, Wales and England
- an interactive global map showing all games, from which you can navigate your way to individual matches.

All 48 matches from the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand are presented as non-interactive infographic slideshows:
- every Pool match, grouped in slideshows based on Pools A, B, C and D
- all quarterfinals, semi-finals, bronze play-off, and the Rugby World Cup final.

Please download and explore the app. Spread the word. Provide feedback. I would very much like to hear what users think of it, and what you would like to see in future versions.

It will be updated with all the 2014 Tests at the end of the November Tour, so please stay in touch and look for the new version before Xmas this year. When this is done, iTunes should notify you of the update you can download.

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Dr Mike said...

When will this be available on android?? It looks awesome!