Monday, 16 July 2007

in the soup without ali

Although I don’t know the guy and really have no right to make a judgment about his personality; I have to admit I’ve often thought Ali Williams looks like an arrogant, immature chap. The whole debacle with him being sent home from SA because of some offence he had committed that even the news starved NZ media were too ashamed to relay kind of gave me proof of a sort of what I’ve always assumed him to be.

However, I do feel that New Zealand rugby is missing Ali at the moment. Desperately. He is a dynamic player and although the locks haven’t exactly disgraced themselves in this Tri Nations tournament; the All Black team in general has lacked the xfactor and spark that Ali Williams has often added. He is definitely a player that can create magic from nothing.

There have been countless moments over the last couple of years when the All Blacks performed some jaw-dropping feats, and many times - Williams was a part of this. Whether it was a back flip pass to Smith last year in France; or a cross field kick to Howlett to tie up a Bledisloe decider; or a stolen line out to see him crashing over the line, shattering the egos of a hapless Lions forward pack on a stormy Christchurch night in 2005 – Williams has delivered the goods. Here’s hoping he will be back in time for the RWC.

Even if I think he belongs on the berks list.


Amy said...

I don't think I ever did find out why he was sent home from SA but yeah he is an invaluable player...

Ferdy said...

Hi Amy - thanks for dropping by again! I think we're really missing him - although i do like the looks of Robinson and of course Chris Jack.