Thursday, 19 July 2007

photo opportunities and other observations

With the onslaught of the RWC comes yet another advertising photo opportunity for the major money spinners to launch their new kit for respective teams. We’ve had the All Blacks and their shiny space age Adidas sweats and the Wallabies with their breast enhancing green and gold uniform (the heat of the body enhancing a strip of material on the chest that gives George and his merry band of men what can only be said is sound breast definition). The latest kit launch was for ‘Team Wales’ yesterday. The only question I have is why bother having a launch at all when it is perfectly clear to all and sundry that it is exactly the same uniform to the eye as to what the welsh team has been wearing for the last one hundred odd years.

Speaking of advertising – I absolutely detest the ‘Believe in Black’ Sky campaign for the All Blacks. There is something that screams sycophancy in this. And what a load of bullocks. We can’t 'believe' anything if proof of the last 20 years is anything to go by. Better words would be ‘hope’ and ‘pray’ and ‘fingers crossed’. Richie McCaw standing in a warrior pose for the heading of the campaign looks about as comfortable as if he had been asked to get naked and dance the tango on a table at his granny’s funeral – poor guy. What sod made him do this? All we need now is some cheesy slow motion shots of the All Blacks running riot to a Dave Dobbyn ‘Loyal’ soundtrack and my expectation of New Zealand advertising will truly be complete.

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Nursedude said...

I really hope that the Wallabys leave those new jumpers at home for the World Cup...they are hideous. They look like the bastard love child of a sports bra and a tour de France cycling jersey.