Monday, 27 August 2007

Are the wheels coming off the Irish Wagon before the Rugby World Cup?

Ireland 23 - Italy 20

How can this be? Was this the luck of the Irish coming into play? Ireland dubiously won against a fired up Italy in the dying minutes of Saturday’s ‘friendly’. Some parts of the British media are saying the Azzuri may feel aggrieved the TMO Derek Bevan awarded Ronan O’Gara a fumbled try off an alleged forward pass as the clock ran into full time.

Eddie O’Sullivan must be slightly worried that without Brian O’Driscoll, the Irish team appear to be faltering on the home straight – just under two weeks now before the Rugby World Cup kicks off. The Italians shunted the Irish pack around the field, had superior defence and disrupted a disjointed Irish backline (missing the centre magic). In what was expected to be a walkover, the Irish stumbled but didn’t strive against the underrated Italians.

Some are saying Ireland’s weak showing in these build up games is a blessing, because resting on their laurels they will not be when the crunch games kick off next month. I think they have reason to panic. Without BOD they are looking increasingly one dimensional and Eddie O’Sullivan and co must consider themselves lucky to get away with this win over the weekend.


Nursedude said...

Ferdy, I think it is easy to read too much into these results. The USA Eagles just barely lost to Munster 10-6 in Chicago. I don't think we are in the same class as a team capable of winning the H cup like they did last year (of course almost all of Munsters best players are playing for other national teams, too) Italian rugby has improved just from what I saw in the 6 nations in the spring. Still, If I am Argentina or France, I have to like what the Italians did to the Irish.


its not hard to know that the new zealand all black sheep shaggers and their fans are running scared of ireland more than any other team which is why they have offered nothing but insults against us atevery opportunity. it wouldnt be so bad if your sheep farmers would stay over there but my country is overrun with nz rugby players looking to ply their trade here making you lot a bunch of hypocripes.if the "all blacks" are so good ( i wonder how many months it took the sheep farmers to think up such an original title) why is it you only won the world cup once and in its inaugural year at that. you should make lemonade. you will bottle it once again AS USUAL !!!