Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Rugby World Cup : Latest shock from Ireland

‘Shock as Brian O’Driscoll is revealed as next Harry Potter!’ reveals Fred Frogley; magic and rugby correspondent of the Galway First. A Potter specialist close to BOD’s manager confirmed last night: “This scar mysteriously appeared overnight and has singled out this Muggle as the new one to lead us against the forces of darkness.”. Meanwhile, Mikaera Tewhata, rugby player turned boxer, anxiously exclaims ‘I want to call BOD to apologise’ for the punch last week that threatened to end the Irish captain’s 2007 Rugby World Cup campaign. Unfortunately for Mikaera, BOD instructed BT to place a toll bar on all New Zealand rugby players in fear they may threaten to break any more bones in his already battle worn body. So Tewhata will just have to make do with apologizing the Tana Umaga way: through telepathy.

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