Sunday, 5 August 2007

england 62 – wales 5

Meanwhile - way, way up in the Northern Hemisphere, the hopeful British media witnessed an English renaissance of sorts against a second string Welsh team at Twickers. I was disappointed to miss this build up match to the world cup ‘friendly’ on Saturday.

The English sounded like they have experienced a turn around under the inspirational Ashton, who I greatly admire. He seems to me a man that thinks outside the box and that is just what England need after the conservative approach of poor old Andy whathisface (oops sorry, forgotten his name already.)

I can’t understand why England persist with loud mouth Dallaglio however. I’m glad that Nick Easter – Dallaglio’s main rival for the England No.8 jersey - scored four tries. England needs more new blood. And I think Dallaglio is a disruptive influence to their team with his continued blabbing and general love affair with his own voice. (I can’t forgive him his past disloyalty to Martin Corey, to me he is not a team man).

Great to see Jonny Wilkinson back and it appears the injury cloud hanging over him these last few years has blown away. I hope it remains so. The rugby world is a better place when Wilkinson is fit and firing.

As for Wales, whether it was a second string team (what a boring excuse) or not, I have thought for some time that under Jenkins they have lost their potency. I still don’t understand the palaver with Mike Ruddock and why he was made to leave in the first place, but the team was always going to suffer that dumb decision. I think upcoming World Cup tournament will be the most disappointing one for the Welsh yet.


Nursedude said...

Hi Ferdy, I did see the game, and the English Forwards really did have a good game. People should not read too much into it, but it was a good show for England. I think Dallalgio can be an irritant, but he had a really good year for Wasps in their H-Cup winning run which has at least back on the national time. I still don't see him as a starter-Easter showed yesterday that he should have the number 8 jersey. Still, not a bad guy to have as a reserve to bring in for injury

Matt Rowley said...

I also saw the game and put a report on my blog - green and gold rugby

I agree about Dallaglio generally being a bit of a dickhead, but he's got that spark and looked good on the field, scoring one try and setting up another. I wager he'll be in the team or on the bench in France.

Nursedude said...

Matt, I agree, Dallalgio made a VERY nice pass to set up one of the last English tries.