Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Meanwhile, down in New Zealand....

Jim Kayes of the Dom Post is all in a lather after the Rugby World Cup schedule was announced for 2011. It appears both semis and the final will play in the upgraded, purpose built for the occasion, Eden Park. In other words, Auckland will be getting the good games. 'Auckland hogs Rugby World Cup hosting!' Jim huffs away angrily. Meanwhile, the Stuff website angrily derides those naughty and selfish Aucklanders with a poll - that kind of highlights they haven’t found a good rugby story for a few days:

How do you feel about Auckland getting the major games of the 2011 Rugby World Cup?
1. Gutted.
2. They should be spread around more.
3. Makes sense

All I can say is – who cares - and more importantly - what loser would be gutted about this? It’s in 2011. Can we stop sniping at each other for even half an hour?! And wasn’t Auckland hosting the major World Cup games always going to be a no-brainer? Obviously not, for some factions of the gutted (and rather pathetic) New Zealand media.


Nursedude said...

Ferdy, I have to admit that I am a little suprised. Part of it is that Eden Park's pitch risks looking like something the Anzacs would have crawled through in WWI for the second semifinal and the final. I am a neutral Yank in this, but I think if I were a fan in the South Island-or southern part of the North Island, I would feel pretty hard done by the NZ World Cup Organizing committee.

Nursedude said...

Ferdy, my daughter appreciated the pic of Dan Carter :
It has has the Rachel Adams seal of approval"...but she was dissapointed that he cut his hair. thanks for keeping the pic up for a week. She had a great trip to Canada, and got some unbelievable pictures of some black bears up close and personal.