Monday, 13 August 2007

World Cup Team Profile - Scotland


Current World Rank: no.11

Random cliché: granny gate

Murray Mexted likely to say of them: "I don't like this new law, because your first instinct when you see a man on the ground is to go down on him."

Stephen Jones likely to say of them: They’re not exactly playing like William Wallace

Glamour boy of the team: Sean Lamont

Greatest Moment: Beating France in last year's six nations

Weakest Moment: wooden spoon winners too many times to be comfortable with

Redeeming features: Princess Anne seems a loyal supporter even when the chips are down

Weak link in the team: Scottish belief

Incumbent star: Chris Paterson

Rising star: Dan Parks


Nursedude/Steve said...

I would add to Scotland's great moment of last year not just beating France, but England as well. You would have to go a long way back when a Scottish side took those two scalps. It's hard to believe it's been since 1999 when the scots last won a 6/5 Nations. After watching the Scottish backs literally throw away the game in Murrayfield against Italy was unreal.

Ferdy said...

I agree. It was a pretty magnificent year for them. I thought the Scotland/France game was fantastic and one of the highlights of the six nations last year.

I didn't put England down in highlights because I didn't think the English team of last year were any good. However - thinking about it - of coruse the Scots would have loved beating the English. In fact - who doesn't? If you are a member of the commonwealth, it is a birthright to enjoy the small treasure of beating England, in whatever sporting code, whenever it comes around. Just the way it is for us meek people from the colonies - having a go at the old master.