Monday, 3 September 2007

Keith Robinson - had his day with the All Blacks?

I think the All Black lock Keith Robinson is a great rugby player. When he is fit that is. But for big stretches of time (let’s face it, three years and nine months out of four) he is often sidelined because of injury. No matter how much mongrel he has in him (a term the New Zealand public lovingly shower on their toughest stars), the guy doesn’t have much mongrel when it comes to ankles, hamstrings and back complaints. More like new born puppy dog going in for a hip operation.

He is out now and due to miss the two opening matches of the Rugby World Cup because of another injury sustained in training. Which means the All Blacks start the tournament a player short. It is all very well to put faith in him but I don’t see him lasting the tournament (let's face it, he didn’t even last a warm up session before the second test against France in Wellington). Time maybe to start thinking about calling in the reserves, and sadly admitting that Keith has had his day. Brilliance is all very good on the rugby field. But it isn’t much use when you’re sat on the sideline with your leg in a cast looking swish in an Adidas tracksuit.


Anonymous said...

Keith Robinson punched out Serge Betson in tonights France game - wasn't picked up but check out replays.
Cheating swine got his desserts...enjoy the flight home

Ferdy said...

Thanks for your gracious comments Anon.