Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Rugby World Cup Blogwatch: 3 Days To Go

The quiet before the storm. As office workers world wide start rolling out their Rugby World Cup sweepstakes, the traditional pre-match rugby reports start trawling out with the same old mundane rugby ‘news’ when there isn’t any rugby to watch:

Robinson and Wilkinson injured … again. Who will be the centre All Black pairing? The All Blacks resort to astrology and technology to end their twenty year curse. The English, Scottish and Azzurri are all hopeful. The French even more so; and the Portuguese not at all. The Cherry Blossoms (a most unrugby name for a team if ever there was one) are quaking in their boots about their first match with the Wallabies. The Tongan rugby team have shocked Bournemouth locals with the amount of food consumed during a gentle pub lunch. Steven Larkham doesn’t have a home to go now that Edinburgh has been bought out (and is rather worried). Plus, the Springboks are threatening to unleash a haka of their own (the mind truly boggles).

In the blogosphere, MiramarMike continues with a great blogwatch round up (which I have shamelessly drawn inspiration from). Total Flanker surmises that the Canterbury rugby brand is a lucky one and the Irish, Wallabies, Scottish and Springboks should have it over the lycra clad pretty boys with their scientifically enhanced shirts, sweaty ions and all (even if the Canterbury brand does mean those hardened Aussies and South Africans are wearing kiwis on their chests). Allez les Noir – my pals in the action have a good list of World Cup songs (particularly if you’re an All Black supporter) to get everyone in the spirit.

Roll on Saturday.

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