Sunday, 27 July 2008

Lauaki must go

So the All Blacks have just been convincingly beaten by the Wallabies. And there will now be plenty of the one-eyed media and cantabrian contingent baying for Graham Henry's blood.

So what's new?

I'm still not going that far yet. But my loyalties to Henry will be seriously contested if he ever chooses to pick Sione Lauaki in an All Black 22 again.

Lauaki is a complete nightmare. I have NEVER seen him play a good test for the ABs. And I have little hope or faith that I ever will.

Every time he touched the ball tonight, he dropped it, like a cup of cold sick. Even my granny (god rest her soul) had better hand eye coordination than this overrated shmuck.

My disappointment and frustration in his inept display quickly turned on the rest of the team. What brainless galahs would even bother passing to this butterfingered moron? Apparently, all of them, but then again, do any of them have a brain cell to rub between them?

I'm not going into the test tonight. But I swear to god, there are better people to pick than Sione Lauaki, Sitiveni Sivivatu, Andrew 'I'll do a short tap dance before I pass the ball' Ellis and Jerome 'I had a bit to drink before I got behind the wheel' Kaino.

If Graham Henry is so busy believing better people make better All Blacks, then why the heck does he continuously pick this motley crew (Andrew Ellis aside, I don't think anyone ever died from watching 42nd Street).

But back to the point, these four are all major weak links in the team. In fact, they're all useless and all of them have had a lot to answer for the two losses that we've had in this last month.

So I'm not blaming the coach -yet. But I will, seriously consider it all again if they're anwhere near named in the next test.

Which of course, they will be.

Australia destroy hapless All Blacks - read it here


Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

They can't drop Lauaki, he's my favourite All Black!

Lu said...


You are right. I feel like I have been talking to brick walls myself about Luaki and Ellis in particular (how many times have we been robbed at the back of a ruck of the ball before he has got it out?) ... and Sivi just looks fat and slow now. How many times did he pull of the gas waiting for support, instead of going full tilt. We pick the Fijian Flyers for their afterburners, use it! Where is Joe? Mils get a bouquet fro at least being gutsy again. Why the hell don't they call more scrums on free kicks instead of having to play scrag through all that loose forward traffic? Taking off Braid for Sione Luaki at 60 minutes!!! Dumb, dumb, dumb. I still back Henry for now, but rotation must end, and impact players get 20 minutes max. He took of Hore ferkriisakes - the only hooker who can throw in (even if bent). Bring back Tana ... he is the only true openside scavenger after Richie. Its painful being in the UK ... every closet, Pommie rugby 'expert' is offering up 'toldyasos'. Smash then in Eden Park, please!

Is it time to look at bringing Weepu and Leonard in at 9, then what about Donald (10), Carter (12) and Smith at centre. BRAINS!

Nursedude said...

Well Ferdy, after taking the Wallabies to the Woodshed at Eden Park, I think that will remove the howling wolves at Henry's door for the time being.

Ferdy said...

Three out of four ain't bad. I sit here writing this in 2011. Lauaki is well and truly gone (thank K), Sivi too. Ellis still annoyingly around and not much better or worse. But Kaino - I have to eat my words. He has become a magnicient AB. Thank god and I'm so glad to be proved wrong. I wish the other three could have done so too (bar Lauaki, I will NEVER forgive his inept display, one of the worst ever to grace an AB jersey).