Sunday, 3 August 2008

Robbie Deans Who?

So, the All Blacks anhiliate Stirling Mortlock's Wallabies - by thirty points. Heh, heh.

As a New Zealand rugby fan, this match was satisfying for a number of reasons:

1. Sione Lauaki wasn't selected. Thank god. And his exclusion was all the better for the team - read, we won by thirty points. Oh, and we halved our handling errors. Big surprise. Huge.

2. Andrew Ellis wasn't on the field and it showed (delivery by Cowan to Carter was quicker, cleaner and crisper that it had been in weeks).

3. Sivivatu played decently. He wasn't a star, but at least he didn't cough up the ball as much as ususal. His defence however was still highly suspect and I'm still not a fan.

4. For once in a blue moon, the All Blacks produced a contestable lineout - the Wallabies really didn't know what had struck them. Full credit to Ali Williams and Brad 'I'm a meathead' Thorne BTW.

5. Tony Woodcock.

6. We played in the Australian half as opposed to brainlessly trying to bat down Stirling and his compatriots in our own 22.

7. The return of Richie put paid to any Australian delusions that they were the world supremos at the breakdown. (However, we may need to have a backup plan for next time Richie is concussed).

8. Did I mention Tony Woodcock?

9. South African referees are the best rugby referees in the world.

10. Robbie Who?


Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...
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Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby said...

HEY - it wasn't 30 points, it was only 29!!

Nursedude said...

As a Loose head prop, I have to praise Woodcock for doing all of us props proud!

Ferdy said...

Nursedude - good to see you back as well. Hope life is good in the US.